URC General Assembly – as seen by Southern Synod Youth exec.

We’ve arrived. Registration forms handed in, pass cards given to us, seats have been reserved and our thoughts gather to the business that looms ahead. But are we ready? Certainly, as I sat there enjoying the Welsh harpists playing the sweetest melodies there was a feeling of calm and peace. However, just as the calm before the storm, it is only temporal, and usually misleading. We arrived at St David’s Hall in central Cardiff just after lunch on Thursday and were welcomed by officials organising the event. The familiar face of David Grosch-Miller was there in the finest garments, seemingly prepared to be elected to the role of the United Reformed Church Moderator; although I do wonder whether he was as nervous as we were.

I am very pleased to have Grosch-Miller on board, he comes across as a very holy man, passionate for the Gospel and a willingness to be involved with young people. And always smiling. Even though he was about to be elected to one of the highest roles within the URC, he always has that calmness and joy in his voice, hopefully something that will not diminish during his ministry in the hot seat. During the course of the afternoon, we had a taste of the Welsh traditions, from harp-playing to choirs and a translated Welsh hymn (you seriously wouldn’t want to hear my terrible Gaelic accent).

We also inducted the new Moderator (Grosch-Miller) and were treated to a rather tasty lasagne, so all in all a good day! Here’s hoping the next few days are exciting…