Saturday 12th November – 9-12.30 What plans does God have for developing the use of our buildinings?

What plans does God have for developing the use of our buildings?

Prayer morning – 12th November 9-12.30

Dear Friends,

On Saturday 12th November, we will be meeting in the church to pray about how we use and develop our buildings to meet the vision we have.

We would love you to come and join and pray with us, or if you can’t be there to spend some of that time praying about this matter. Come for as much of the time as you can, we know many people would like to come for part of the time, even if they can’t be there for all of it.

Over 30 years ago, members at Christ Church faced a difficult challenge, how to take the church building forward to meet the needs of the late 20th Century? How could they replace the old damaged structure with something that would witness to the love of Christ for the next generations? Their decision to stay as a church on the High Street, to undertake the hard work they did to create the Church and Church Centre we have today, is something we are all grateful for.

As a new Eldership team under Jim’s leadership, we are asking a similar question, “where is God’s vision taking us in the early 21st Century and how do the buildings need to be developed to meet that need?

In the last two years, many more organisations have started to use the Church buildings, and with the wonderful new frontage and LifeSprings Café, there is a great deal more happening during the week and on Saturdays. In addition to church events such as the growing Thursday morning “Home Group”, Sunbeams and LifeSprings, we have numerous visitors and two charities (ParentsPlus+ and Children’s Workshop) based here full time.  People come here from: Mencap, KCC Social Services, Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Crisis Recovery, Art Classes, Dance classes, Brownies and Guides, NHS Health Trainers and many more.  But what do these visitors see of Jesus working in us when they visit?

On Saturday morning, 12th November, we are asking as many members and friends as possible, to meet together in the church to pray about the vision for our work. Specifically, we want to ask God about how we should develop the buildings further and who we should work with. Questions we are discussing at Eldership include:

  • How do we engage more with existing users of the building so that we can really witness about our faith and what God means to us?
  • How do we manage the practical aspects of the building to better serve the community and manage the resources we have – concerns include access, security, cleaning, decoration, technology, equipment, heating and lighting, kitchen facilities etc
  • How do we fund any changes – should we seek or accept funding with other organisations including those who use our building?
  • How do we meet specific users needs whilst ensuring the vision for Christ’s work here is at the centre of what we do.

As you walk round the buildings over the next few weeks, please look at what we have, value what was done 30 years ago and the uses being made of that hard work today. And please ask where God is leading us now so that we can all pray about this and make the decisions that mean we are following his plan for Christ Church.

Jim Thorneycroft and Christ Church Elders