Zimbabwe – Chegutu

2017 –  .
Hi  Trevor

Compliments  of  the  new  season  to you  all at Christ Church. We are  eventually
able  to withdraw the  US$952.50 you  sent us.  Of  the  money  you
sent  we  were  able  to add US$1 550.00  and  bought a  full
compliment  of  the  IBR - including  sundries.

We  want  to  thank  you  very  much  for  your  assistance.

Find a  copy  of the  receipt  of  the  money  you  sent us  attached.
We  are  moving  to  next  stage which  is  buying  timber  and  the
actual  roofing. Our  projection  is  now  to  fundraise  for  the
above  to be  done  and  completed  before  the  end  of  February.

We  pray  that  the  Good  Lord  will  continue to guide  us on  this
project  and  richly  bless  you.

Best  regards
Rev.  N. Deredzai

Hie  Sharon

Calvary greetings.
I write this note to acknowledge that l have saw or heard from Trevor’s email that the church there in Tonbridge has blessed us with $952,52 for the purchasing of roofing sheets. At the present moment l am struggling to get the money from our banks. As soon as l get the money l will notify you everything we will do with the money.
Thank you so much for your concern to us.

Rev N Deredzai.

Dec – Calvary  greetings.
Once again how are you over that side of yours? Here we are fine . God is showing his powers even though we are experiencing economic hardship. Hopefully your side is ok . As we are going towards Christmas  where everyone will celebrate the love of God to the entire world l also want to remind you that the people there preached us love with what they did to us. We continuously pray for them and you as well . May the grace of God always be with you. May the peace of God be upon his church over there.
Stay blessed
>From the servant of the most high God
Rev N Deredzai
November – Latest building costs-

Calvary greetings to you Sharon and alll the church.

Thank you for your respond and for putting us in the picture of development in your church. Here the church is growing but facing economic hardships in the country and the challenge of prosperity gospel which is preached by false prophets who are rising these days. Most of our members are always on the road following these prophets.
As l said in my previous letter since we have finished brick work of the parsonage we are looking forward to raise money for buying:

56 lBR roofing sheets which goes for USD 39 each; timber needed which goes for USD 2300;  50 bags of cement  each costing USD 12 – for plastering in and out. Then 300 USD for electrification’,plumbing and tilling.

The chicken and sowing that you initiated that was supritended by Rev H Katanga who has since moved to another congregation helped much in the women’s league of the church. I am told that some of the money was used to buy furniture and it could not buy much during Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown period.

When we are done with the parsonage we hope to move to other projects – which includes drilling of a borehole at the church, .buying a congregational car to move things to and from market and church, also to starting other an income generating projects.
We will continue praying for you that the Lord gives you strength to serve him.
Best regards
Rev  N Deredzai.

    Chegutu pastor 2015chegutu-pastor
Welcome to Rev N Deredzai……………………..
Calvery greetings.
Its my pleasure to write to you on behalf of Reformed church in Zimbabwe chegutu congregation passing our greetings to you. Sometimes when we think of you guys we feel humbled. You have done a lot to us as a congregation. I found it necessary to update you the progress of the project you are usually assisting.So far we have finished all the brick work of the parsonage and we are looking forward  to raise funds for roofing,plastering in and out and flooring.
Hopefully with the grace of God one day we will invite you to the official opening of this house – even though we are struggling though our economic situation is bad. We pray that God may continue to raise more love  from our friends to continue help us.
May God bless His church over there.
Your in Christ
The servant of Jesus Christ.
2013- If you build it,  they will come
Chegutu church has sent a list of building materials they require to build a Manse so they can have a permanent minister for their congregation.  LIke the church in Zambia, people knew it was blessed by God because it was built so quickly, when many other part build churches were in the surrounding area. Here in Zimbabwe they need a minister to help with the many needs of the people there. So if we can help build a manse, just as we once helped them with their church, then other people will want to know what is happening, why the Lord is blessing this place and they will come back, or come to church. The breakdown of costs per brick, timber or bag of sand can be found in the current Messenger magazine. As you know it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy food or materials – even if we can get someone to carry dollars out to Zimbabwe for us. Pray for everyone living in this difficult regime.
2011 – We  heard from Chegutu Church that they would like to start up some money making projects – the first of these is to buy chickens, and breed and rear the chicks which can be given to families, or sold at market.  At the moment they are buying young poulets to rear, but this is more expensive than breeding your own. Also as times get even tougher in Zimbabwe it is getting harder to find good chickens at any price.  We have sent £300 towards this project thanks to our Bring and Buy Sale and part of a £100 donation from someone who wanted to remain anonymous. Thanks to him five elderly people are also having cataract operations.
Selling the surplus chickens at market helps the church fund all its projects.
Another ongoing project is to buy bolts of material to use to sew clothes such as aprons, school or church uniforms.  All the ladies are very proud of the sashes that denote their office or their matching colour skirts. At giant united services it is possible to find others belonging to your denomination very easily !
These items will be sold to raise money for church funds and to fund the new pastor. In a  country where there is so little to buy in the supermarkets the pastor is currently being paid in chickens, vegetables and other groceries.
Some of the money is being used to build him a home. Currently this is just a growing pile of building materials – sand, wood and bricks etc.  Let us know if you would like to get involved in their building project.
Chegutu church is helping many people during these difficult times and are really grateful to now have a pastor to help them to help all of those coming to church with many different problems, difficulites and hardships.

Usebia is a church member originally from Zimbabwe.  In 2006 Steve Fisher, the then minister, visited  Zimbabwe to open a new church building in Chegutu, to which Christ Church had significantly contributed. The church there has been growing in numbers, but because of the difficulties with the regime there have been more and more demands on the church for help. Up until now they have had a part time pastor only.  As the church has more members it needed a full-time pastor and they were they could have  one IF they built a house for him to live in.
As a church and as individuals we need to think and pray about how we might help them in this task.
Every long journey begins with a small step. If you have any ideas for how to help with this building project , then speak to the minister, or one of the church elders.
In the meantime Usebia is busy collecting new and secondhand clothes which she sends in a big barrel by sea. This takes 3 months to arrive but is cheaper and safer than the postal system. Even so it costs £250 every time one is sent! This is a big jump in postal prices and due to the cost of fuel. Again if you can help with a fundraising idea to help with the cost of postage then speak to Usebia.
Because of the situation in Zimbabwe it has been really hard getting any money out to Chegutu church and we often have to rely on Bodias, Usebia’s husband, or oftentimes people we do not know, to carry the money into Zimbabwe for us. This is not without risk and we cannot send too much at any time. Customs officials are often over rigorous in checking what comes in and in levying fines or confiscating good.  So we have been blessed in that all of the money we have sent has reached its destination.
Chegutu is grateful for the continued support.

The United Reformed Church in Tonbridge, Kent