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Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter the day after we have elected a new team of elders for Christ Church. I am very grateful to those who felt called by God to put their names forward for this important role and to everyone who prayed and voted.

I would also like to thank the outgoing elders who can now take a well earned rest from eldership duties. I pray that they will use this sabbatical to discover new ways to serve the Lord here in Christ Church. I am also very grateful to Nigel as he continues in his role as youth elder and cell group co-ordinator and also to Lesley as she begins her second term as the most conscientious church secretary I‘ve ever worked with.. Both will bring a much needed continuity as the new elders team settle into their responsibilities.

As we enter the season of Advent with all it’s busyness and excitement, we also need to pause for a moment to look back over the year that’s just gone and see how God has led us as a fellowship. So much has changed with the completion of the front of the church and the new windows and sliding doors, the launching of  the ‘Lifesprings’ café to work alongside the continuing work of the ‘Vestibule’ now renamed ‘The Foyer.’

Our church centre is now being used by many new organisations and groups as we continue to offer our buildings to the community and build up relationships with them.

During the past year we have looked at our mission statement and core values and we are now poised to build on that work to begin a programme of outreach and relationship building which will make the gospel of Jesus Christ known to all age groups.

This will start as we hold a Fun Day on the 4th December which will be followed by an All Age Nativity Service on the 19th and our Carols by Candlelight service on Christmas Eve.

Please come and join us this Advent Season as we give thanks to God for the birth of His Son, as we have fun together and as we worship our Lord who continues to lead us forward into a new and exciting future.

With love in Christ,


ps Even as I pasted this onto the website news was in that snow has cancelled the Fun Day event.




The eldership team for 2011 will be Margaret Bolt, Adam Cumming, Lesley Cumming, Chris Hartley, Nigel Munns, Keith Robinson and  Steve Tringham.


A recent visitor to our Foyer was a concert pianist, fulfilling professional engagements in London.  Sadly, our meetings with her highlighted the fact that we cannot help everyone, much as we would wish to and that our “remit” is a limited one. In fact staff must use their discretion about the person requesting help and may offer to buy a meal or pay for other food (sandwiches for instance).

Of course we are able to offer free drinks and a listening and prayerful response.  But if has long been the policy not to give money.  Often we can give contact numbers for organisations helpful to their circumstances and there’s a permanent list on the front kitchen noticeboard.  This might include Parents+Plus, Social Services, Kenward Trust (drugs) or facilities for the homeless.  But most of all we must never underestimate the power of prayer along with any practical help we can give.

On a brighter note one young lady with learning difficulties now visits regularly and is so pleased to be in a friendly and safe environment where she’s making new friends.

Overall we still have our quiet days but the busy ones are very busy and it seems that we are attracting new visitors to our building, some of whom are on the premises for meetings and classes.

We look forward to the Christmas celebrations on each Saturday in December.

With love,  Margaret

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LifeSprings Café  18th December  Light lunches will be served 12 noon to 2.00 pm

Other dates for the diary –

A traditional Carol Service will be held at Dunks Green Evangelical Free Church on Friday 17th December at 7.30 pm.  Refreshments after the service.  A warm welcome to everyone

Also on Sunday 26th December – Boxing Day Morning Service at 10.30 am. Mr David Wells from  Mission for Christ will be the speaker on both occasions.

Please remember there is NO service at Christ Church URC on Boxing Day.  Please see the website calendar or monthly diary dates for December online or in a printed version of the messenger.


LettersDear friends at Christ Church,Just to say a big thank you for the beautiful chrysanthemums – they are still going strong at the time of writing.  Thank you to June for bringing them up, all much appreciated.

Many thanks for all your love, care and prayers.

Every blessing

From Diana and Henry.


(Editor’s note:  Bernice really wanted me to print this letter so I decided it was right to leave it in.)

To all my dear friends

Thank you so much for a “room full” of presents, plants and flowers – and best of all the lovely birthday cards.  I also had a party and iced cake.  I went for my ‘flu jab and came away with the news that I must have more treatment for my one kidney so please pray that all will be well.  I must rest more.  It does please me that I still get cards from people who worked for Roy.

Much love



Dear friends at Christ Church,

Thank you all so much for your cards and concern while Trevor was away in Australia following the death of his brother.  His trip went well and he was pleased to meet many of his brother’s friends.

We are thankful for the love of our friends at Christ Church.


Marion & Trevor


Dear friends,

Thank you for making me so very welcome as a church member.

I was so very grateful for your love and support and the beautiful flowers, cards and book.

God bless you all

Victoria Coleman


Dear friends at Christ Church,

Thank you so much for the many prayers for me prior and during my operation.  Your prayers have been truly answered.  I came out of hospital without any pain and felt so well that I could go into Tunbridge Wells with my daughter for lunch 5 days later!  Also thank you for the lovely flowers Brenda brought me, much appreciated.

We are all one in Christ.

God bless you.

Love from Elisabeth




My dearest friends,

First of all I want to apologize for not writing, but my computer had a virus and I lost everything for 2 months. About 2 weeks ago I could get at least my photos back, but it difficult to go an Internet cafe with Christian. He has been ill with a stomach infection and getting better at last, thank God.

Be blessed you all in the Name of Jesus. Thank you very much for this news of the £2,000 for the bread oven.  There is a man, here in town, who has all the equipment for a bakery, and he does not use it. He wants to speak with Daniel, so let us pray this conversation brings good news about the prices.  If it is not to be then we will question and ask around further and keep you informed.  For now Daniel is already helping Roger´s son, Josias, to become a baker and he has been studying for 3 months so far. Already he is doing lovely breads, and he will also be trained to train other bakers in the future.


Let me tell you some more news about how you in Tonbridge are blessing many people here:

Those 2 young mothers from Lamas who belong to Pastor Rabbit are still studying very hard to be hairdressers. One is Rebecca and the other is Karen. Pray hard with us for Karen as she married the son of Pastor Rabbit. This husband is very sick as he lost one kidney and is near to losing the other, so she is faced with being a widow unless a miracle from the Lord can change the story.  You will want to know that Roger and Daniel are still going to help the churches in the needy villages with evangelism and teaching, and at the end of this month Roger will be marrying a couple in Tabalosos.

God is so good because with this money we have been able to do so many things.  Over these past 3 years we have had an average of 3 or 4 thousand dollars (£2,000) per year. God has been faithful to make that money meet our needs in supplying the transport, which is expensive, but needed to reach the remote places. Many times we have used our own money to expand the Gospel when and where we can, and then God has been good to put the desire in the hearts of his children to make an offering to cover this. I never ask for money from anybody, unless they ask me as you do.  God bless you for listening to what is placed on your heart.  It is because of this you have been generous to give Roger a house where to live with his family, the Green Grass Project where we can work, and also in equipping the House of the Banquet with chairs and a sound system.  Additionally to these you have made it possible to give medicine or vitamin supplements, bread for many after church, notebooks for children to go to school, clothes, breeding guinea pigs, or training to individuals who really needed them.  So much that has changed lives.  The House of the Banquet keeps a regular number of 30 to 50 people, but for a long time we see the same faces so we have planned a praying night till 11pm to enable us to invite new people for a dinner at the end of November.



There are many things to tell you of our missionary work that is a miracle of God who gives us knowledge to share with many in the area. There have been past organizations that sadly used our work and then let people think it was their work, but we do not mind because we work for the Lord.  We do not ask for recognition. Now all the work we do at the moment is possible only because of those supporting our work – your church in Tonbridge faithfully every year, Marina Conran from Sovereign World with books we need so much, and Pat and Mary from a church in Fressingfield. We ask you to pray for Pat & Mary as they come to visit us in February to see all the villages we support.  Don’t you want to come soon?


Personally my family has been facing many situations – My sister´s husband Walter was shot by robbers as he banked money from work.  Thanks God he is OK but the bullet will stay lodged in his bottom. My other sister Nelly was told she needed a complicated neck operation in Lima, but God did a miracle and now she only needs physiotherapy.  Finally my oldest sister Ruth lost a baby, one she was so surprised to be carrying at the age of 48.  Please pray for all my family at this time.  Here we are praying for you all and I am sad for the situation in Tonbridge, but we know the growing of the church depends on Him.  So let the Holy Spirit guide the part we play.  If it is God’s will to go to England next year may He make me willing and able.  Let me know if you think I can help to reach out to people there.

Please tell the people in Christ Church that we love you so very much – Rocio.



Practical Information:


Weekly collection figures


03.10.10            593.25

10.10.10            890.76

17.10.10            427.34

24.10.10            640.80

31.10.10            387.15

Sub-total            2939.30

Standing orders (Oct)            627.00


Total £ 3566.30


Weekly average for 2009 to 31 Oct 2009= 770.59

Weekly average for 2010 to 31 Oct 2010= £743.23


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