Join us here on New Years Eve! 10am, 6pm -midnight

We have our usual service at 10am and all are welcome. See later for times and details of the evening service.

Now is a good time of year to be looking at those things niggling at us and perhaps giving them up. It is very easy to make superficial resolutions to stop this or that, but sometimes it is our whole life that needs to go in a new direction.

Many people are seeking something and this is often spiritual – but in our rush to find some new meaning in an alternative way we can overlook the obvious – the God of all the Ages – who was and is and is to come.The miracles of the New Testament are not confined to the New Testament, but still seen here in Tonbridge. The stories of lives changed or or people healed (on Big Bridge & elsewhere) the Holy Spirit has never been more present and live.

Come and have a chat to us – or others in the building. Come and spend some of your New years Eve with River Church 6pm-9pm or with Pastor Charles 9pm-midnight and find out what God has planned for your life in 2018!