Laird Cell Group

After meeting on a Wednesday in 2013 the group has returned to meeting on Monday evenings at 8.00pm  (except school holiday & church meeting night.)

January 2014 Programme  Daniel followed by Revelation (!)

We started off by looking at who Daniel was before this book of the bible begins – his life and background Hebrew דָּנִיֵּאל, Dānī’ēl, “God is my judge”

Jan 27th – Daniel 1 – Refusing food from the King’s table.

Feb 3rd – Daniel 2 – Nebuchadnezzar dreams a dreams

Feb 10th – Daniel 3

Feb 17th – Daniel 4

Fundraising Events –
This cell group takes the Welcome and Witness part of cell groups very seriously and aims for monthly socials or fundraising meals @ £10 per head to which anyone is welcome. Ask around for details or make a request for a particular theme.

The New Year Murder Mystery 2012 was a great success, as was the 2013 Games night. We can do either of these again on request. There have been Men’s Curry nights, Ladies Italian or pampering nights, and there are mixed events. In the past these have included celebrating Chinese New Year, BBQ’s and once, a wine tasting & quiz. So let us know if you have any good ideas.

The socials are for anyone- neighbours, family and friends, as are the fundraising events and the cellgroup itself.


The United Reformed Church in Tonbridge, Kent