Zambia – Kabushi

Kabushi Church, Zambia has grown over the past 8 years and now has over 500 members. While this has been amazing it puts Pastor Lloyd under a great deal of strain. Following the death of his sister in 2010 from a car accident and the loss of his father a year later, Pastor Lloyd was thankful for the recovery of his brother in 2013 after he spent a month beside his bedside when he was in a coma – following another car accident.

Kabushi Church regularly hosts conferences and may people come forward to give their lives to the Lord.

As well as helping the community out there to build their new church we continued to support their vision by supplying music and electronic equipment such as microphones, ceiling fans for the 40c heat and money to install some additional flushing toilets.  So many people attend both of the morning services that a sun shade had to be erected to help them keep cool while waiting for the first service to end. This is ironic as in the beginning there was only a basic sunshade for the original 50 worshippers. Photos can be seen in the corridor behind the main church.

In the beginning there was a child sponsorship programme making it possible for the young people to finish off their education and obtain their high school certificate. Since that time around 20 children have reached their goal, many going on to further education or training as nurses and engineers.  Some undertook a computer course at the local college following the visit from 6 men from our church who gave basic computer lessons on the 6 laptops they took into the country.

As you can imagine it has been difficult to keep up the close contact that was established in the beginning and we are currently waiting for the 2012/2013 accounts and photo updates.  In the past children went in and out of education term by term, depending on if school fees could be found. Some children were 21 before they could finish their High School Certificate, and many more did not finish at all.
Working first with the oldest of the young people we have had 20 children finish their High School Certificates – some sponsored for 1, 2 or 3 years to successfully reach this point.  With a £50 leaving gift from their sponsors these students have started small businesses, or put the money towards more studying. Currently 3 of them are at university or trade college – something they couldn’t ever dream of achieving before. Some achieved government sponsorship to study at university level.  It has all been very exciting in an area of the county that includes  one of the countries poorest townships. Fortunately it is rare to lose a child on the sponsorship scheme, but two sponsors did lose children to tuberculosis and malaria in 2010.  Despite these sad happenings sponsorship has been an incredible way to really make a difference to a child and to their family and a scheme we hope to restart in 2014 with the appointment of a new Welfare Team in Zambia.
Wile the sponsorship programme is not currently running there is still the opportunity to send additional gifts of clothes, shoes and stationery packs  via the AGAPE Gift catalogue scheme to either Kabushi Zambia or to Rocio in Peru.-.
The History – 2004
Eric and Elodie arrived at our church from Zambia in 2004. Joining the Laird cellgroup they asked if we would be interested in helping to build a church in Kabushi, one of the poorest and most dangerous townships in Northern Zambia.  We agreed – before we realised the scale of the task.  They needed £700 – just to dig and put in the footings – and even this seemed an impossible task. The whole project was explained to the congregation at Christ Church URC, and the fundraising began . This included shared meals, Cream Teas, BBQ’s and a big African Night where ladies from London based churches came down to help out with the cooking.
The opening of Kabushi Church
In 2007, six of our members visited Zambia to attend the opening of the new Church at Kabushi. A lot of the funds may have come from the UK but all of the hardwork was done by the congregation in Zambia. Sieving stones to make the concrete floor They worked tirelessly to make this church happen. When visiting the guys took with them five laptop computers as a gift to the Church, and then provided tuition for young people in their use. Because of this six young people were accepted to college the following November to take an IT course. These young people now teach others in the church.
Two of the party travelled on to Livingstone to meet up with a member of Chegutu Church, Zimbabwe who had been visited by Steve Fisher previously. They were supposed to hand over the gift of a further laptop, but additionally ended up taking the Pastor to the supermarket in Zambia and loading him up with as many staples – oil, rice & flour – as he could carry. These things are just not available in the shops in Zimbabwe, both then and now, even if you could afford them.  A lot of prayer was needed to allow him back across the border without being challenged.
The guys saw amazing things that God did before, during and after their visit. Ask them about it.

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