We have built good relationships with a number of overseas churches,
or with organisations working overseas.
PERU   (photo of Rocio & Elodie from Zambia)
Rocio originally came to us as our Careforce worker tasked to look after the young people in the church. She was very popular and when she returned to Peru she asked us to support her work there. All of Rocio’s family – her mother Pety, her brothers Roger, Daniel and Alejandro all work alongside indigenous Peruvian Indians. Being tribal when the Chief becomes a Christian the tribe does likewise and so Rocio works with new leaders such as Pastor Rabbit to help them understand and explain the Gospel message accurately. She also has the task of sensitively incorporating as many local and tribal customs into their new found religion, as is appropriate.  Sovereign World Trust in Hadlow provides Rocio with much of the leaflets, booklets and bibles that are given out to the pastors.  .
This is the walk up the mountain to one of the churches. It takes a taxibike ride from the town, a two hour boat ride and then a long, long walk up the mountain. After the service Rocio tries to provide cocoa  and rolls for the children and families. Recent fundraising has helped Daniel to secure a loan to buy a bakery. A bakery would be an answer to prayer as Daniel can make the bread rolls Rocio needs at cost price. It would enable him to support his family and it is his desire to teach baking to many of the young men who are currently unemployed.
A few years ago Rocio married Ronel , who has the dangerous job of being a policeman in a largely lawless area, and they have been busy building a house. Rocio bought a piece of land that would extend their work and help to extend the Kingdom of God in Peru. To this end Christ Church has helped to set up the Green Grass Project. On a concrete base with a permanant roof as a sunshade children gather to listen to stories, and mothers learn to play with their children appropriately. Books and toys are provided by people buying these items from our A.G.A.P.E catalogue. Rocio has also built a toilet & shower room as well as an office and this can be seen at the back of this photo. They are situated in 2 buildings known as ’roundels’ – the same of miniature oast houses!. She now uses these facilities to offer classes in English, Music and Dance. 
The money from this is an important part of her income and leaves her time to do God’s work in the mountains. These areas are very remote and difficult to get to.
Rocio and her family support the indigenous Indians who have become Christians.  There is a lot of work for Rocio and her family to do in an area that has high use of alcohol and other drugs, where violence to women is an every day occurence and leds to family breakdown. Rocio runs sessions for new Christian couples to learn how to have a Christian marriage, without violence and exploitation.  She is currently try to set up feeding sessions at the poorest churches as Peru has a big problem with malnutrition in the under 2 year olds. This leads to stunted growth, poor health and a short life expectancy. With money from Christ Church this has been made possible in one church where up to 40 children at Sunday school receive hot milk and bread.
UPDATEDaniel is currently running a very successful bakery. He used the money we sent to pursued the bake to loan him money for a new bread oven. When it was delivered they had to widen the front door to their house. The living room in now a functioning bakery and over the last two years he has paid back the bank loan. Praise God.  Daniel had a dream to train others to become bakers and give them the same opportunity he had.  He was blessed to be taught by a visiting baker who became a Christian at one of Rocio’s services, and was baptised in the local river.  So far one young man has completed his training and has now gone on to train to be an electrician. A second young indigenous indian from one of the local community churches that Rocio set up is now undergoing training. Daniel will be able to supply Rocio with bread rolls at cost price. Also they are going to look into using the rolls and bread for lunchtime sandwiches for local workers. Daniel real;y wants to learn to make cakes as these are very popular in Peru and could potentially make more money for the bakery. Daniel is hoping to get a visa to come to the UK in May 2014 where he will visit a bakery in London and hopefully one locally. Pray for all these new ideas.
Rocio and Ronel use their veranda for their house church, ‘The House of the Banquit’. It has been a challenge to get any local people to attend as they have had bad experiences in the past with ‘Christian’ groups arriving and demanding lots of money as part of their ministry in return for healing etc., Rocio said they were the object of much curiosity when they arrived, but now the people are arriving one by one.  The church now has between 25 & 50 people at each service.  Christ Church has provided money for many things including chairs, sound equipment and musical instruments to help with this work.
Here is a concert put on by all the children who take part in the Green Grass Project.
Rocio thanks everyone for their prayers and support to reach out to the lost in her area of Peru. She is especially thankful for the blessing of her marriage with the safe arrival of Christian, who now are three accompanies his parents in their work. Pray for Ronel as just before his retirement from the police force after 25 years he has now been posted to Mardre Mia, a temporary police station in the centre of the jungle in an area ruled by drug overlords and farmers growing the drugs for them. The police station is often under seige by angry farmers who say they need the drug money to buy food and pay for education for their children. This is a difficult and dangerous situation. Pray for Rocio as she takes paperwork to Lima in February to try and get Ronel’s retirement sanctioned. This busy family are hoping to be with us in May 2014 to share more stories of their work.
Rocio, Ronel & baby Christian.
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