Rev Jim Thorneycroft – moves to East Sussex

Come and listen to Jim’s farewell sermon on Sunday 3rd August 2014

This will be followed by a fellowship lunch 11.30-1pm.

Anyone is welcome to attend – email or complete one of our online forms so we know how many to cater for.


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60 Second bible story animations

The story of NOAH

Taylormation have developed 60 second bible stories to suit a generation of children bought up with movement and media. The short animations won a Gold Award from The Cinnamon Trust as part of their Mustard Seed Awards, which gives money to a range of projects to get the Gospel out to a wider audience.

These animations are available via YouTube or the Taylormation website.

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URC General Assembly – as seen by Southern Synod Youth exec.

We’ve arrived. Registration forms handed in, pass cards given to us, seats have been reserved and our thoughts gather to the business that looms ahead. But are we ready? Certainly, as I sat there enjoying the Welsh harpists playing the sweetest melodies there was a feeling of calm and peace. However, just as the calm before the storm, it is only temporal, and usually misleading. We arrived at St David’s Hall in central Cardiff just after lunch on Thursday and were welcomed by officials organising the event. The familiar face of David Grosch-Miller was there in the finest garments, seemingly prepared to be elected to the role of the United Reformed Church Moderator; although I do wonder whether he was as nervous as we were.

I am very pleased to have Grosch-Miller on board, he comes across as a very holy man, passionate for the Gospel and a willingness to be involved with young people. And always smiling. Even though he was about to be elected to one of the highest roles within the URC, he always has that calmness and joy in his voice, hopefully something that will not diminish during his ministry in the hot seat. During the course of the afternoon, we had a taste of the Welsh traditions, from harp-playing to choirs and a translated Welsh hymn (you seriously wouldn’t want to hear my terrible Gaelic accent).

We also inducted the new Moderator (Grosch-Miller) and were treated to a rather tasty lasagne, so all in all a good day! Here’s hoping the next few days are exciting…

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Farewell to Lesley & Adam Cumming

Christchurch URC Tonbridge wishes many blessings for Adam & Lesley as they finish packing up 21 years of their lives and belongings for their move to Edinburgh.

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Monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast

This takes place on the first Saturday of every month at 9am .

The last one (June) was well attended, with a number of new faces.

Next date – Saturday 5th July

Ladies have a weekly Prayer Power Hour 9am-10



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Sunday 22nd June

Sunday 22nd June saw the farewell party for Adam and Lesley Cumming who have been serving the URC and Christ Church in particular for over 21 years.   Gifts of flowers and money towards a garden bench or ornament for their new home was accompanied by a photo album of Tonbridge in general and pictures of Christ Church events in particular.  Derek, the Synod Clerk gave a speech as did Jim, Trevor and Corinne thanking them for their service here and it the wider church. Adam and Lesley will be with us next week if you missed saying goodbye today. They will then be moving to Scotland.

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